We can Meet Again!

Many hotels have been open for accommodation bookings for several weeks now and we have had lots of great feedback from our bookers about how safe they were made to feel.

We are excited that events for under 30 can start again from the 1st August and larger meetings and exhibitions from the 1st October.

We are event specialists: hotels, venues, event managers and venue finders.  We have been organising, running and hosting events for years and delegate safety has always been really important.  We are used to complying with health and safety guidelines, it’s a crucial part of our jobs, there are just a few more guidelines to follow now.

Some delegates will have been going to pubs, shops and restaurants over the last few weeks, they may have already stayed over night in a hotel, they are used to the new rules in their private lives; so will not be surprised about the new rules in a meeting venue.  Now we can start meeting again, helping the economy recover and aiding industry learning and collaboration.

Working from Home…Meet Your Colleagues in a Safe Environment

We are all still working from home and I am sure many of you are too.  It is difficult and expensive to ensure office spaces are completely social distance compliant and that the cleaning procedures can be implemented; I think many of us will be working from home for some time.  Working from home is fine with today’s technology; I think the main thing we all miss is the social interaction with our colleagues.  The collaborative atmosphere is lost over Zoom and Teams.  Virtual meetings are great at keeping people informed and catching up with your colleagues.  But virtual stifles the creative spirit.

Now that we can meet again perhaps a team meeting in a venue that has had months to ensure delegate safety would be a good alternative to mass return to the office.

We also have some good ideas for outdoor team building activities, including a team picnic!

Christmas Gatherings

I am sure that large events will take longer to return, they take more than a couple of months to plan, but 2021 is already quite busy with all the confirmed events that were moved from 2020.  If you are considering running a larger event, I would urge you to start planning early to ensure that you get availability.

A socially distance Christmas meal may be just what your team needs to look forward too!  Perhaps rather than a large company event, consider smaller private team dinners or lunches.

We Are Waiting to Help

The team at HotelRes are all waiting to help.  Please feel free to contact with questions, help with hybrid events and of course with your enquiries.