Something to Look Forward to – HotelRes’ Charity for 2020

HotelRes are delighted to be able to support a fantastic charity, ‘Something To Look Forward To’ which is run by mother and daughter duo Fiona and Francesca following Fiona’s incurable cancer diagnosis. This multi award winning charity supports people affected by cancer and cancer poverty by providing ‘gifts’ and ‘experiences’ which are donated by kind and caring businesses and individuals.

We are working with them to find companies who would be willing to donate hotel stays to give couples affected by “cancer poverty” opportunities to relax, have fun and create positive memories together.

We met with both Fiona and Francesca and were completely in awe of their tireless efforts in giving other families who have been effected by cancer “Something to Look Forward to”. We will be working hard this year to help raise their profile and to ask our partners and friends in the hotel industry to donate a stay.

If you would like to find out more or think you may have something that you may be able to donate please visit their website or contact us.