ReAttendance has Evolved

As you know we have been working hard to ensure we are ready to help you with all your live and hybrid events moving forward.

We can work with most hybrid platforms if you need our support; but we have been working very closely with ReAttendance.

They are a UK based company who started offering a hybrid solution to theatres and larger events prior to Lockdown.  The platform, like most, is evolving continuously and they have been listening to all their customer feedback. Not only that, they have a whole team that we can utilise to offer you onsite support for your event should you need it as well as a secure and safe studio to pre-record content professionally.

Some of the recent additions include:

Virtual Business Card

Delegates can hand out and collect other delegates virtual business cards; with a tick box system so that you comply with GDPR.

Exhibition Hall

There is also now a dedicated expo hall feature as well as space for sponsors.  Each exhibitor can upload video, special offers and brochures.  There is a chat live facility too that means your delegates can chat live to the exhibitors on the day.

More Realistic Networking

They have developed a much more “realistic” networking experience for virtual delegates.  You enter the networking area and can straight away see who is already there.  You can request to start to converse with someone.  If you are happy for others to join your group you leave your group live and if you want to talk privately then you hide your group.  When you are ready to move on then you simply request to join another group or leave.

We hope to be able to invite those of you who are interested to a demonstration event in the next few weeks so you can see how all of this works from the delegates perspective.  If in the meantime you would like to chat through how virtual and hybrid events could work for you then please do get in touch.

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