HotelRes and Hybrid Events

We offer clients a full event management service for Hybrid Events.

We continue to offer our normal venue finding service and with our event management partners offer full on-site support.

But we can now provide you with a Virtual/Hybrid event platform and help you create and run your hybrid event.  We have built up a long list of suppliers who we can also call on to help you create slick pre-recorded content in “safe” studios and who can be there on the day to ensure the live streaming of your event is seamless and the virtual delegates get to interact with the speakers and sponsors.

The level of support we can offer is up to you.


We are working on the ReAttendance platform to put together virtual and hybrid events.

  • The platform gives virtual delegates seamless access to Live Streams from the actual conference, Pre-recorded content, Virtual Networking, Exhibitors, Polls, event downloads, Panel Discussions.
  • Virtual delegates are able to post questions to panellist and speakers virtually, in the same way as a live delegate can raise their hand.
  • Live delegates can access sessions they missed or want to rewatch.
  • Event content can remain live for days or months after the event for delegates to revisit or indeed for “new” delegates to watch.
  • The platform enables you to control access to content. IE a premium ticket holder may be able to access bonus content.  You can sell tickets for a single day of a 3 day conference.
  • You can also add content to the platforms shop to sell separately. A day one ticket holder can for example buy access to a day 2 keynote speech.
  • You pay for the platform for as many months as you need it. We recommend at least 2, one to build your event and one to allow delegates access to content after the event.
  • The platform links other applications such as YouTube, Zoom and Vimeo so that you delegates do not need to log in separately to view sessions.
  • There is space for multiple sponsors and you can add links to their websites.
  • The is also an Exhibition add on, where virtual delegates can make appointments with exhibitors, visit the stands, pick up information and chat to a representative.

What we can do for you

We have suppliers in various parts of the country who have set up Social Distancing safe Recording Studios, where Key Note Speakers can live stream their talk to both the live delegates and virtual delegates if they are not able to travel; or where you can professionally film pre – recorded content for your hybrid event.

Our extended team can help you source all the AV equipment you need to live stream events and can also be there on the day to ensure all runs smoothly and make sure live and virtual delegates are all heard. Contact us with details of what you want to achieve and we can give you a better idea of the costs involved.

You can choose how much we do for you. Our platform support is £20 plus VAT per hour.

It is hard to give you a price for our Hybrid events support because it will completely depend on the complexity of the event you want to create.

We can put together a very simple one day event with 2 Key Note speakers, a panel discussion and some pre-recorded content in about 5 hours, if you provide all the content. so the HotelRes charge would be approximately £100 plus VAT

A Subscription to ReAttendance (which is the top level and allows you to completely brand your event) is £79 a month plus VAT (but this is a rolling cost and can be cancelled whenever you want it to be). Then each delegate is charged at £0.79 for your actual event.

To use Zoom for Panel Discussions, Networking and Q & A sessions for your virtual delegates you will need to have a paid for account and may need to have the Webinar Add On enabled, but most of you will have already got this if you have been using Zoom for virtual meetings.  This again is a monthly cost and if you pay slightly more a month you can cancel at any time.  It will depend what you want to do at your conference.  To have 2 hosts and the Webinar function enabled it will cost £55.98 + VAT per month.

You will also need a Paid For account on Vimeo to be able to Live Stream, this is an annual subscription but again a number of you may already have this. This is their Premium Account that is £840 + VAT annually.

YouTube only needs a verified account to allow you to upload pre-recorded content and this is free of charge.

The additional cost may come from the AV supplier with the equipment required to live stream. And of course if you want our specialist team to be there on the day and run the virtual and Live event that will be an additional cost.