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The Dream Team

March 29, 2021
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It is now over a year ago that our colleagues and friends at TR Global moved into our building. ...


Enhance Your Virtual Meetings with Entertainment

February 5, 2021
Jane Frost Jane Frost

Many of us have been working from home for nearly a year now.  I am sure we have all...

Sustainable Events

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Prior to the pandemic the thing most of us were talking about was sustainability.  How to reduce carbon emissions...

HotelRes and Hybrid Events

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We offer clients a full event management service for Hybrid Events. We continue to offer our normal venue finding...

SmartStudio XR at Royal Lancaster

Are Venues Ready to Live Stream?

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As virtual events become more complex a stable internet connection is going to become even more vital.  We cannot...

Great Hotels of the World

Did You Know that HotelRes Book Events in Europe too?

Caroline Crossley Caroline Crossley

HotelRes can book events in Europe and accommodation worldwide. We have lots of contacts at hotels, venues and destination...

Small Hybrid Event at SmartStudio XR

How to Enhance and Embrace Virtual and Hybrid Events

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2020 was the year of the mad dash to embrace the digital world for conferences and events. We all...

Exclusive Use Retreats

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As testing is rolled out to the community and more people are vaccinated, we will be able to meet...

Summer Parties

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Summer will soon be here.  The government is aiming for restrictions to be relaxed by the time the good...

When Will We Be Able to Meet Again?

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With the current government road map for re-opening smaller events and non-essential business travel can resume on the 17th...